Thursday, January 19, 2012

Labling People is it right?

If you saw someone walking down the street with a helly hansen on would you call them a chav, or i someone had skiny jeans on would you call them an emo? (Not saying you would) Do you thik is is right/fair to lable them like that?

No offence intended sorry for any spelling missacs %26lt;-- hahaLabling People is it right?
It's unfair, and dismissive. Boxes get labeled because they carry what the label says. Humans aren't boxes, a person who constantly labels people will always be surprised when people act out of that imaginary character. You can't describe a person in one word, with the exception of he/she is a "human" and that word carries much weight.
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  • Color bleed on water proof jacket?

    Hi, I have a white, water proof, helly hansen jacket. It has gray marks all over it due to the fact that a few months a go while i was washing it my sister stuck her black jeans in the washer on accident. I've washed it three times after that and the color seems to fade, but is still very noticeable. The jacket is very expensive and I haven't been able to wear but I would like to since winter is rolling around. Is there any way you can help me on getting the grayish color out? Thanks!Color bleed on water proof jacket?
    You can try using RIT color remover since it is washable. If the dye is removable at home, that'll do it. You can also try asking a dry cleaner if they think they can help you. If all else fails, maybe you can just dye the jacket a different color!

    Please help me find a school bag!?

    Ok so I know i asked this question before but i have more of an idea of what i want now, so all my friends have shoulder bags from like Accesorize or Primark etc but i would like a backpack but it has to be colourful and have a nice design on it , when i have looked on the net on Surfdome they have nice bags but they are too small! I don't want anything emo just a nice big bag with a unique but not over the top design or if there are only really over the top bags then anything that goes with a pinky purpley helly hansen coat! And can you please reccomend shops + sites in the UK because since school starts on the 19th i need it ASAP hahaa.Sorry i am bein so picky but its really important it will last most of the school year and that it isnt really expensive anything over 拢35 is to much. Thank-you so much! xPlease help me find a school bag!?
    look at they have a lot of good stuff there and it's all at a cheap price like end of stock stuff. could get a cool bag on line or over the phone. i get their catalogue delivered but might be more onlinePlease help me find a school bag!?
    I know the feeling, my friends nag me on about how I don't have the "latest" bag. I prefer backpacks, you can buy them from any sports shop. Try for some nice ones. You can just go to M%26amp;S and see if they have any there.Please help me find a school bag!?
    Roxy Bags, they sell backpacks that a large enough for A4 folders and they just look cool :) x
    try she makes really cute stuff :) hope that helps

    Are duffle coats cool?

    I'm might be getting this duffle coat for my birthday ---%26gt;鈥?/a>

    I think it looks really nice on me (I tried it on in store), and I love it to bits. But I'm not sure whether people would say they're fashionable. I'm pretty sure that if I wore this coat to school people wouldn't like it and might even say something about it.

    I'm not too bothered about what is "on trend" and whatever I like I should wear, maybe?

    But at my school (I'm going to be 14), pretty much everyone wears Superdry or Helly Hansen coats (both boring, black, waterproof, slightly chavvy coats, at my school).

    So, yeah. I don't care too much, just wanted to know all your opinions. Thanks :DAre duffle coats cool?
    Omg, I love that! I adore toggle coats like that.

    Yes that is way better than those other brands! Be different, and wear what you like especially if you love it to bits. I wore a coat like that to school once (no one was wearing one like it) and a lot of my friends liked it. And if someone says it looks bad theyre probably just jealous they have a old boring black coat haha :)Are duffle coats cool?
    Yeah that is superr cute! And it's good that nobody else at your school has it so then you'll be unique and I bet everybody will be begging to know where you got it! :))

    What is wrong with me.... please me sensitive?

    I am a 17 year old female, currently studying for A levels.

    Between the ages of 13-16 I went through a bit of a phase... I've always wanted to please others and look good to others (maybe it's an insecure thing?!) so at that age I was very easily lead. I have a sister 3 years older and at the time she had gotten in with the wrong crowd and was quite naughty and into hardcore and rather chavvy things (but no drugs). My sister was obviously my only influence along with a friend I had at the time who I think back now is pretty messed up (however harsh that may sound). And I did things that I thought would make me look “cool” or to impress others. When I was not necessarily comfortable doing them. These included staying out on the streets all night twice and wearing a Helly Hansen coat and claiming to be into hardcore.

    However, throughout the whole time, I’ve never touched drugs and have always studied hard. Achieving 13 GCSE’s including 8 A’s.

    Do you think I was just going through an experimental phase because of my insecurities or what? Because now whenever people bring up my past or say “do you remember when you did this...” etc it completely shatters me inside, It’s as if it was a different person and I have no excuses for it?! I hate my past so much that it is honestly preventing me from living now because I am so worried what people think of me? Was my past really that bad or did I just live the ‘teenage life’ a little early?What is wrong with me.... please me sensitive?
    I used to perform acts of a sexual nature for many of teenage boys when I was that age, things haven't changed much except I'm a little older and have gotten to know the women at the std clinic a bit better.What is wrong with me.... please me sensitive?
    I know it's going to sound like a bad soap opera plot, but I had amnesia when I was younger. Total blank; no name, no memories before the moment I woke up. I had to get to know everyone I used to again. Anyhow, long story short, eventually some things did start to come back to me a couple years after, but by that time I had already developed a good sense of who I was and I was happy. The memories that came back to me were in conflict with that sense of self in a big way. I came to question who I was, who I REALLY was. Was I defined by the shattered fragments of the person I had come to know myself to be, or was the real me the person I saw in those memories? I wasn't sure if I could trust the pieced together person I was at present. Then one day I realized that I am who I am, and whoever I may have been, whatever I may have done, that doesn't affect who I really am. Because who you are comes from inside, your thoughts, your skills, your emotions, the things that really define you. I don't look for my memories anymore, I don't care about the past, because it can only affect you if you allow it to.

    Get to know who you really are, and try your best to act in tune with that person. If you do something you don't like, or there's something about yourself that you feel isn't true to who you are, change it! And absolve to never act like anyone other then yourself from then on.

    It's true you can't change the past, but the present becomes the past so quickly that if you dwell on your failings you only make more regret for yourself. Each day carries it's own potential; a new beginning. What you do with that potential is up to you.

    Hope this helps ^_^

    Helly Hansen Jacket? Which Color?

    What Color Should i Get in this hellyhansen jacket?;id=164%26amp;contentID=p1155%26amp;action=product

    white or navy?Helly Hansen Jacket? Which Color?
    hm.. I really like the navy. The white would be better for winter though.

    I like the way the navy looks, but if you think about it heat-wise, whtie would be the smarter choice.Helly Hansen Jacket? Which Color?
    white is really nice, it goes with everything but it will get really dirty really quickly. navy is also really nice and prob wont get as dirty. i think you should think about how many jackets you have, if you have more white ones get the navy, if you dont have many white ones, get the white.Helly Hansen Jacket? Which Color?
    Trust the gay guy, go for navy. White is cute, but it gets stains easily, and it will look old because it looks dirty. Navy makes the jacket more chique.
    oh gosh get white. it looks alot nicer, cleaner, and more expensive. but there both nice.
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  • I need lots of opinions on ski jackets. I'm looking for a cute, and good new one. please help!?

    I'd like it to be an overall good ski jacket because i'll use it for two years or three. i need it on looks too. here are all the links: (thanks to anyone who looks through them all, and give an actual 10 points!)鈥?/a>鈥?/a>鈥?/a>鈥?/a>鈥?/a>鈥?/a>鈥?/a>鈥?/a>

    This is an easy 10 points for the best answer! THANKS everyone :) luv ya'll! %26lt;3I need lots of opinions on ski jackets. I'm looking for a cute, and good new one. please help!?
    I'm not a huge fan of fur around the hood, so those got automatically nixed in my book. North Face also was dropped because it's North Face... not that it's a bad brand (it's not), but everyone seems to be wearing North Face these days. I would think you want to stand out a little :-)

    This is 3rd place:

    I personally like these for practical skiing (and looks, too):鈥?/a>鈥?/a>

    Plus, these three are also longer which help in the snow %26amp; cold which is always a plus in my book.

    I love Backcountry %26amp; REI... I know it's hard decisions to make!I need lots of opinions on ski jackets. I'm looking for a cute, and good new one. please help!?
    The ones that I would suggest are:鈥?/a>鈥?/a>

    I hope that those help you!:)